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21st Song [Accidental Video]

[The PCD turns on when he hurriedly snatches it up from a table in the room, and the view is jostled quite a bit as he races down the hall after Yuri, who appears to be heading to the roof with a mission, a small bundle of items under his arms.]

O-oi! Wait up Yuri!

[Up on the roof, Yuri takes up a position near the edge, Kenta hovering worriedly slightly behind him.]

I don't think this is such a good idea...

[A pause. Silence. Kenta moves forward as well to peer over the edge.]

... do they even come out during the day?

20th Song [Accidental Voice]

[Theres a sound of a few soft, rhythmic thuds like he's knocking on a door, and then his voice.]

I made some strawberry bread from a recipe Al gave me Haseo, would you like some?

[A quiet pause; no answer]

... Haseo?

[Another, longer pause and then the creaking of him opening the door. More silence. Then, softly.]

Goodbye and good luck.

[Text post a bit later]

I guess we have a spare room again. If anyone needs a place to stay just let me know.

19th Song [Acciental Video]

[Kenta is fiddling with an old radio he found somewhere in the house, which hasn't actually worked until now. On slightly scratchy speakers this is playing, followed by a commercial for the "upcoming drama Uta no Onii-san, starring Ohno Satoshi as Yano Kenta!!"]

... who the heck is Ohno Satoshi and why are they making a television show about me?

18th Song [Accidental Voice]

[His voice is muffled, tired, but it's his voice, which is something he hasn't had for a week, so there's an odd tinge of nostalgia to the tone, slightly rough from dissuse. He's singing, softly.]

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey...

[He sighs, and the next words are tinged with something almost sorrowful.]

You'll never know dear, how much I love you, please don't take my sunshine awa--

[feed ends]

17th Song [Text] Backposted to the 10th

Ryuzaki and I will be at Unohana's clinic for the remainder of this event.

I feel like I've failed.

((OOC: Strike not visible, as he's learned after that last time with Hughes.
While I've had the opportunity to speak with Light-mun and Unohana-mun about this, I have yet to do the same for L-mun, so just let me know if anything needs to be changed and I'll do it. And there was mention of a Log. Any idea who's starting it? Because if you guys were wanting me to, I'll need to know D: /uninformed mun is uninformed))

16th Song [Accidental Video]

[Video turns on to reveal Kenta curled up in a miserable ball in a corner of his and L's room, crazed scribblings across the wall behind him; knees pulled up to his chest and eyes shut tight, hands over his ears. He's rocking back and forth, silent tears streaming down his cheeks, one of which is faintly bruised.

Out of shot of the camera, one can just about hear L ranting and yelling and pleading, switching off from each extreme like a rocket and most of his words directed at Kenta. This continues on for a bit before eventually shutting off.

15th Song [Video and Text]

[Kenta's sitting on the edge of his and L's bed looking sleepy and mussed, as if he's just woken up. He's staring down at the PCD in his hand with a grim expression and rubbing at his throat with the other. He opens his mouth but no sound comes out.]


I guess this is what the animus were talking about. I don't know if this is going to affect everyone or not, but I just wanted to let everyone on the network know that I've lost my voice entirely.

Bran, I guess this means we won't be performing together again anytime soon. Sorry.

[His hands shake slightly as he turns off the PCD.]

14th Song [Private//Unlocked]

((OOC: It's sort of like how you'll make a list of things to do on a palm pilot, only the whole network can see it anyway.))

Things to look into:

  • Running water?  Some sort of hose system from the well for showers maybe, but must figure out some solution for the toilets - investigate whether the well is situated on top of an underwater stream or simply a pocket of water; figure out how close we are to the stream.
  • Stove - no gas, but Ryuzaki might know some way to fix something up for that; may resort to "campfire" otherwise.
  • Oven - again, no gas; look into constructing some sort of brickwork fire stove like for pottery.
  • Stairs - a lost cause.  Harvest good wood from it and shattered fourth wall, maybe afix a sort of ladder to the side of the tree?  Also, pulley system to bring things up - like a kid's treehouse.
  • Cleaning - See if others are willing to set up some sort of chore's list.
  • Furnishings - get into back rooms on first floor; there was a sofa, there must be more, tables and chairs?  Stock pantry for more than just one day, plan ahead.
  • First Aid Kit - VRY IMPORTANT.

12th Song [Voice]

There have been an awful lot of new arrivals, and I know everyone is always recommended Unohana's clinic, but that's never a permanent housing solution, is it? And, well, I feel sort of guilty, having this great big empty house? No, not empty, but... well. Haseo, L, I'm sorry if you don't approve...?

There are still three unusued rooms up here on the second floor that could use a body sleeping in the beds. And I guess I'm asking if anyone's hard pressed for finding board.

I DO have roommates though, and at least one of them is very intent on his privacy, so I can't just be letting anyone stay here, I'm sorry for being so suspicious, but I'd rather be safe than sorry in this regard - twice bitten and I start screening applicants. Ugh. I'm making this sound a whole lot more complcated than it is.

If you need a place to stay, please contact me. But I won't be giving out any coordinates without getting a feel for you first. Also, you have to climb a tree to get to the second floor, so unless you can, or have some way of fixing a rotted through stairway, there's no reason to inquire. Sorry, I'm a singer, not a carpenter.

If you're a friend, who simply wants to know where to find me, I'll be happy to give you the coordinates as well.